The Strange

One of the major disadvantages of not having a constant web presence is missing out on rare and epic happenings. Over the weekend, I learned that hip hop artist Akua Naru was in Nairobi last Thursday for a concert courtesy of Goethe-Institut.  For someone who has been a serious Akua Naru fan since the days when The World Is Listening was still a fresh new joint, having that concert pass me by was … painful. But hey! 🙂

I’ve been soothing the pain away with this rough compilation whipped up sometime in 2011.

Some good old smooth hip hop tracks and instrumentals that rarely get mainstream airplay, including: // Priceless gems from femcees Nitty Scott, the massively talented Akua Naru (more from her here: ), Makeba Mooncycle and Apani B (not forgetting Erykah Badu somewhere in there) // MF Doom’s Metal Fingers persona proving just as good making dope beats as behind the mic on Sumac Berries and Dead Bent// Some old classics from Guru’s Jazzmatazz, Xzibit’s 1996 LP At The Speed Of Life and the first Blackroc album (I hear Blackroc 2.0 is coming out soon)



Strongest Of The Strange – Charles Bukowski
The World Is Listening – Akua Naru
The World Is Listening (Jay Baez Remix) – Akua Naru
Lunchroom Classics – Makeba Mooncycle & Talib Kweli
Sumac Berries – MF Doom
Back In The Day (Puff) – Erykah Badu
All She Said – Guru ft. Macy Gray
Dead Bent (Instrumental) – MF Doom
Fly Emcee – Apani B
The Backflip (PH7 Midnight Remix Instrumental) – Akua Naru
Auntie Maria’s Crib – Nitty Scott MC
Bird’s Eye View -Xzibit ft. Tha Alkaholiks
Stay Off The Fuckin’ Flowers – Blackroc ft. Raekwon


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