Hello, hello, hey, hello, hello…

Of the two new songs that use Hello, It’s Me as a point of departure, I gravitate more towards this one than Adele’s latest tearjerker. An André 3000 verse is always a blessing, especially now that they’re becoming rarer by the year. André 3000 and Erykah Badu on the same track is even more special. I like the almost unattainable understanding conveyed here between ex-lovers who can still pick up the phone have a decent conversation.

The sensations involved in breakups (at least for me) are pretty much the same as pulling out each other’s wisdom tooth and then driving off a cliff together. Your hope is, after the swelling recedes and the vehicle makes one last roll and lands on its roof, that when you kick your door open and crawl to the other side he/she would still be in the right shape to laugh about the batshit craziness that has led you to that moment. Your hope is that laugh will not reveal a dry socket.

Most of the time though, hope puts you on hold and leaves you to your own non-superhuman devices….

Hello pain…


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